NEU Silicone

NEU offers a variety of Silicone Rigs, Hand Pipes, Bubblers, and Water Pipes, all to fit your individual smoking needs. Featuring all the functionality of glass, our high-quality Silicone is easy to clean, affordable and nearly indestructible making it great for smoking on the go.  Learn More about the products we offer below.

Silicone Concentrated Rig

You’ll never have to worry about breaking a piece of glass during use with friends or travel with the NEU Silicone Concentrated Rig.  Our Concentrated Rig comes in assorted colors and bright designs and includes and sherlock style mouthpiece with a flared lip.

NEU Silicone Concentrated Rig Variety

Silicone hand pipe

When it comes to durability, it doesn’t get much better than our NEU Silicone Hand Pipes. We build our pipes with high-grade silicone material that offers an unbreakable construction and fits perfectly in your hands making it easy to travel with.

NEU Silicone Hand Pipe Variety

Silicone sherlock bubbler

High-quality and robust, these silicone bubblers are the perfect piece for any smoker’s collection. Our bubbler gives you a smooth, enjoyable smoking experience and fits perfectly in your hand. This is a long-lasting item that is sure to stand the test of time!

NEU Silicone Sherlock Bubbler Variety

Silicone water pipe

Our Silicone Water Pipes combines the clear and reliable functionality of a glass piece with the unbreakable design of the silicone pipe. Perfect for outdoor adventures and travel, our uniquely designed Water Pipe is versatile hybrid bong can be used without the percolator for those who prefer a smaller size.

NEU Silicone Water Pipe Variety

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